Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#TemptationTuesday - "Monograms"

Craving today's #ThirstyThursday tips? Okay so this week's wedding design is an explosion of color and cool ideas.

First up, the napkin in the top left corner, it not only matches the decor, but has a monogram illustrated on it. Monogramming is hot now! And I don't just mean the monogram that gets projected onto the dance floor (which is always stylish). I mean, people are mongramming everything! Its on invites, programs, favors, even table runners! You can create your own using any word document and special font, then apply it to everything.

Next up, let's talk about the WOW factor in this design...the unique centerpiece! Okay, so I don't recommend you purchase a set of pool balls for every table (crazy!), but doing something totally different, totally you and your sweetie, and totally affordable is what matters most! There are way too many ideas out there for me to name, so just go on Pinterest or google unique wedding centerpieces to get some ideas that suits your personality and your budget.

I am absolutely in love with the Menu Card pic on the left hand side. Although more pricier than a buffet style reception, more brides are choosing the elegance of a sit down, butler passed meal. And instead of going through the hassle of sending menu options in with the invites, they are selecting one or two entrees for their guests to enjoy. Thus, a menu card is placed at each table setting to let the guests know what to expect. You can make simple menu cards using any boxed set of stationary, or make your own quirky creation! Check us out on Pinterest for two great ideas.

And last but certainly not least, the cushioned seating with pillows pic. OMG! This is a trend with alot of destination weddings but more and more brides with hefty budgets are doing it. Create a lounge area within your reception hall where you and your sweetie can have some alone time during the chaos. Or create a larger space for guests to sit and reconnect as though they were in a comfortable living room. Renting furniture, or buying cushioned ottomans and pillows, can make this an affordable thing to do. Couple it with small tables and candles, and you've got high end style for close to nothing!

But if you're not crafty or can't stick to a budget, give us a call! That's what we do best. We have a Monogram Projector so your name can be in lights. And we can create totally unique and vibrant items to make your day stand out from the crowd.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#Temptation Tuesday‎ - "Mixing Metals"

"Mixing Metals"

I suggest you hire a professional because there's alot of work in this design...but if you're up for the challenge, so be it...

Mixing metals is like baking a cake from scratch...it takes a balance of the right ingredients. Too little, and the flavor gets missed. Too much, and you've made a complete mess! So choose gold and silver colors that play well together, and don't go crazy..like I always say, keep it elegant and classy.
Start with DIY invites, programs, and escort cards. Embellish everything with self adhesive gem stones. Follow us on Pinterest for a step by step how to.

Rent everything to keep your costs down! Simple Elegance has plenty of chair sashes, chargers, and vases for you to choose from.

Create a signature drink to be served during cocktail hour, in a special glass. But make sure your venue doesn't charge extra to stock the liquor or ingredients needed. And be sure to tip the bartenders for going that extra mile!

Do cupcakes instead of cake; it cuts down on cost and waste. But hire a professional cake vendor; they'll make sure the silver sprinkles are edible.

Last but not least, can't afford napkin rings for 100+ guests? Don't worry, we can create a beautiful and affordable substitute.
Inbox us at http://www.mysimpleelegance.com/#!contact/c24vq
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#TemptationTuesday - "Outside In"

Helping you add a little zing to your wedding, this decor design has alot going on!

Trending now in the wedding industry are chalkboards and mason jars. So you can find them in any local craft store. Online providers such as eFavorMart and Koyal Warehouse are great sources for this year's hot colors, sizes, and shapes.

Also you may not be able to tell what the chalkboard says, but it tells your guests to choose a seat, not a side. Traditionally, those who know the bride sit on one side, and those who know the groom sit on the other side. Couples are now saying to heck with tradition! This is a wonderful way to get guests to mingle. But you can still set aside seating for family members by making Reserve signs at home, using any card stock or stationary. Follow us on Pinterest for how-to's.

This decor's spring time freshness comes from the gorgeous flowers their florist used. Ask your florist to replicate the bunches by using seasonal flowers from your local area. It will save you money, and your florist time if they don't have to import your order from abroad. The best way to not break your budget is to use silk flowers for everything. They look just as nice as real flowers and last longer in warmer weather.

Bring the sunshine inside by coordinating what you did outdoors, on your reception tables. It may be costly to buy that many mason jars for each table, so use glass vases instead. Also select from your venue's colored napkins to enhance your wedding colors; the use of their linens are usually included in your banquet package.

Rent the garden hooks (that hold the mason jars & line the aisle), the table, linens, and an arch from Simple Elegance! We've got everything you need for a gorgeous outdoor ceremony on a budget!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#TemptationTuesday - "50 Shades of Purple"

Thirsty for tips on this week's 50 Shades of Purple event design? Here's how:

Whenever you're working with various shades of a color, its important to use complimentary hues. Hit your local Home Depot or Lowes for paint color sample cards...they're free! Pick shades that are close in the color spectrum, but that will make an impact. Take those sample cards when you shop or have meetings with your vendors, to make sure your colors stay on point.

Next, one of the hottest trends is using linens and drapery in event design for both added color and texture. On a budget? Your local craft store has fabric to make table runners if you're a DIYer; or use a rental company for tablecloths. 

Talk to your florist or hire a decorator like Simple Elegance to create this stunning yet affordable centerpiece. We have these glass cylinder vases to rent and we can work with real flowers or silks depending on your budget. Also, hanging drapery can be tricky so let a professional like us do it for you. We'll work with your venue to get it done!

Check out our rental list, our inventory is growing everyday! http://www.mysimpleelegance.com/#!rentals/c1jap